Episode 1: Dieter Brell

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... Es hat Spaß gemacht, mit Hanna durch Berlin zu laufen und mit Carl Johan über neue Ansätze in der Architektur zu sprechen. Aufregendes neues Format, das Sie erstellt haben und eine hervorragende Alternative zu den vielen Videovorträgen online!

Dieter Brell – Kreativdirektor 3DELUXE

BERLIN. GERMANY.WICONA is proud to announce the launch of its video series WICONA MEETS that will explore the future of architecture. WICONA has been hopscotching around Europe meeting with world-renowned designers and architects to find out more about the key elements to build a world beyond tomorrow.


In their maiden episode, the team travels to Berlin to meet one of the most leading-edge members of the design avantgarde: Dieter Brell. In addition to being a very cool guy, Dieter is the mind behind award-winning projects all around the world, including the Leonardo Glass Cube in Germany, the Butterfly Pavilion in Dubai, restaurant designs for Michelin-starred chef Mario Lohninger as well as the D’fly store in New York. As a founding member of the interdisciplinary design office 3deluxe, Dieter operates in a world that straddles architecture and design, art and pop culture, and the interface between the analog and digital space.


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