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WIESBADEN, GERMANY – We are happy to announce that architecture studio 3DELUXE together with Urbach & Falter Architects has been contracted for a progressive housing project in Wiesbaden! The project commissioned by the municipal housing company GWW, incorporates various elements for a forward-thinking and sustainable building approach that provides affordable living spaces in a healthy environment. A climate-friendly timber-hybrid construction with a large scale installation of a photovoltaic system and a versatile outdoor area for social togetherness in a natural environment is planned.

Creating vibrant, socially interactive residential neighborhoods with the lowest possible carbon footprint is one of the most important tasks to make our cities more livable and sustainable in the future.

Arion Valiano, Sustainability Officer at 3deluxe


The proposed building concept promotes shared living, an increasingly popular form of housing that encourages multi-generational dwellings and social interaction within the community and neighborhood. A number of shared indoor and outdoor common areas and communally usable locations are included in the proposed design. Each of the 38 apartments will be designed to be as space-efficient as possible, in return offering common spaces that extend the living area and enhance the quality of life. In this new living concept, the term "home" takes on a new meaning, since it is not only one’s own apartment that defines this place, but also the whole built environment with all the indoor and outdoor common areas.

This concept promotes an appealing environment for joint activities such as reading, homework support, cooking, and casual sports viewing. There will also be a workshop, a library, a gym and yoga room, a laundry room, a bicycle workshop, and a guest apartment. Other common spaces will be offered, including the pergola linking the apartments and buildings, as well as the large landscaped green area that invites to urban gardening, beekeeping, the creation of wildflower meadows, natural ponds, and bird nesting boxes. Additionally, communal activities such as outdoor cooking, eating, and celebrations can be enjoyed in this attractive open space.


The high efficiency of the building design, the intelligent floor plans, and the high utilization of the site allow for attractive and affordable living space despite currently high construction costs. Although the specified linear arrangement of the five buildings in the given land-use plan does not necessarily correspond to the ideal of communal living, the proposed design concept creates cohesion between the individual structures by linking arcades on the street side and landscaping the communal open spaces on the south side.  


The buildings have a modern, reduced and modular design and live from the positive, lively aura of the natural building material wood. The energy concept is currently being developed with the agreed goal of being as  climate friendly as possible using solar and thermal energy.


The residential development is located in the newly developed construction area "Bierstadt Nord" of Wiesbaden. The developer is GWW Wiesbadener Wohnbaugesellschaft mbH. Half of the apartments will be used by members of the association "Gemeinschaftlich Wohnen Bierstadt Nord". Together with this association, GWW developed the concept application and was awarded the property by the City of Wiesbaden in May 2023.

3DELUXE and its Wiesbaden based partner office Urbach & Falter were able to prevail against four competitors with a stringent concept. The planning phase has already begun and the start of construction is planned for February 2025.


We are delighted that in times of urgent need for affordable housing in Wiesbaden, such an exemplary, forward-looking residential project is being launched in Wiesbaden and that our 3deluxe architects are able to play an active and highly committed role in it!

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