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Cultural Architecture Highlights in UAE 2023

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SHARJAH CITY. U.A.E.Butterfly Aviary for UAE's Cultural Hub. Thank you ArchDaily for selecting our Butterfly Building!

According to the most visited architecture platform ArchDaily, 18 projects are among the architectural landmarks of the United Arab Emirates and the beautiful region of Sharjah. The nominations are a mix of traditional and modern, which also includes the 3deluxe Butterfly Building.

Read the full article published on ArchDaily // November 2023

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  • 3deluxe as a design office with its headquarters in Wiesbaden unites around 40 creative professionals from the areas of architecture, interior design and brand design under one roof. 

    The multifaceted projects receive worldwide attention. The office currently realizes projects in Germany, USA, Dubai, Lithuania, Finland, and Italy. 
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