Award Al Heera Beach

for Al Hira Beach Development

MILAN. ITALY – During a two-day event in Milan, the 3deluxe project "Al Hira Beach Development" was awarded the first Porcelanosa International Project Award 2022 in the category "Commercial Buildings"! 

With Al Hira, 3deluxe succeeded in creating a lively, attractive city beach with a marina in the metropolis of Sharjah City, a melting pot of numerous nationalities and cultures. City beaches like Al Hira are valuable places for the quality of life in large metropolises. More and more, attempts are being made to define these special places not only for bathing, but to integrate them more strongly into the everyday urban context and make them accessible to different user groups 24/7.

The winning project masterfully illustrates that architecture and landscape are no longer two static and isolated concepts. Buildings are no longer immobile elements, but interact with their surroundings and enable communication between the two. A dialogue that culminates in a fusion of architecture with its environment.



3deluxe was allowed to transform one of the city beaches of Sharjah City into an attractive urban place, not far from Dubai's famous landmarks Burj Khalifa and The Palm. Restaurants, cafés, local shops, playgrounds, lots of greenery, jogging and biking tracks now offer city dwellers an attractive, multi-use area between the beach and the city.

Three organically shaped platforms, each with eight buildings and pavilions, blend harmoniously into the 3 km long beach and promenade section. A marina with clubhouse, several service buildings and a small park are embedded between clusters 2 and 3. The marina is open to the public and, together with the park, offers an additional high quality of stay.

Creative Director Dieter Brell defended the project in the summer of 2022 before a high-ranking Porcelanosa jury consisting of a group of renowned architects and experts: Leonardo Cavalli (One Works, Italy), Michel Rojkind ( Michel Rojkind Arquitectos, Mexico), Greg Truen (SAOTA, South Africa) and Anabel Fernández Rubio (KPF Pedersen Fox Associates ,USA).


The main focus of the Al Hira Beach project was to create a new, vibrant neighbourhood that promotes a modern, urban community and strengthens social interaction.